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Auto ML

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Artificial Intelligence Maketh Future

AI Dapps is good Partner for helping what

your business make the first penguin.


AI Framework


ML/DL Framework

ML/DL Framework is composed of the world's top three frameworks, Google 'Tensorflow', Facebook 'Pytorch', and Amazon 'Mxnet'. It makes high level 'Keras' so that developers can perform library work more conveniently. In the case of Deep Learning Framework, the key is to make it easier for developers to perform ML/DL tasks in an easier and more comfortable environment. The ML/DL model hub is configured separately, and the video model, voice model, and text model are supported in a variety of ways, so that all developers can develop using the ML/DL model by just selecting the model although not knowing the language.


Many companies are struggling to adopt AI solutions because of the high cost and difficult usage. The Data owned by companies and individuals or externally available data from simple documents to audio, image, and video files can be accessed through AI automation analysis solutions to make it easier and simpler to obtain desired AI analysis results. Developers working in each company, government, and industry can connect with the platform through AICON's Auto ML solution because it can be easily used on the web without installing and executing complex development processes and frameworks. The AICON project manages the process by step, establishes governance to maintain deep learning performance, and performs continuous statistical data aggregation in order to stabilize the Auto ML service.

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