AICON is the smartest solution
 combines blockchain and AI.

Massive amounts of storage sit unused in data centers and hard drives around the world.

AICON Project

AICON D-Cloud Cluster


Through the AICON distributed cluster, AI blockchain technology and cloud services will be connected to provide reliable big data AI analysis to all individuals and businesses.


Content Streaming


File synchronization drive

AI analysis


Cloud game


IoT(Internet of Things)


AICON wallet


i. Data Provider (Clients)

Subjects requiring ML (Machine Learning)/DL (Deep Learning) can be individuals, companies, developers, and governments. Data providers provide data to AICON PLATFORM in order to obtain necessary results through ML/DL analysis. Data providers can receive decentralized resources and analyze the data using Super Computing technology of AICON PLATFORM, thereby reducing the cost of massive resources required for ML/DL. They pay for the data analysis through AICON TOKEN, and if they open and disclose the data, they may receive a separate reward through the data exchange.


This is a GATEWAY, which plays a key role in the AICON Blockchain ecosystem. This provides the necessary FRAME and TOOL for ML/DL in HYPERLEDFER FABRIC-based PRIVATE CHAIN, and also provides clients with the necessary resources for ML/DL analysis of distributed resources of users using SUPER COMPUTING technology

iii. Resource Provider (User)

This is a provider of resources in the AICON Blockchain ecosystem. This can be an individual or a company, and provides idle resources such as CPU, GPU, Memory, Storage, etc. to the client through the AICON Platform using a PC or smartphone owned by the user. By providing idle resources, resource providers can receive AICON Tokens as rewards.