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The Distributed cloud
Blockchain For Everyone

A company specializing in developing distributed cloud-based
AI service platforms

About Us

The next phase of AICON will provide the diversification, distribution, scalability, and interoperability of SaaS services required to achieve platform ecosystem expansion.

Get AICON Wallet

The AICON Wallet also provides computing resources provided by D-Cloud, the history and quantity of D-Cloud purchased by users, and the resulting rewards and total quantity.

AICON Project


AICON D-Cloud Cluster

Through the AICON distributed cluster, AI blockchain technology and cloud services will be connected to provide reliable big data AI analysis to all individuals and businesses.

Blockchain D-Cloud Solution

Provides data processing and security from enterprise IT infrastructure solutions.


Distributed Cloud Hardware

Currently, we supply 3,421 cloud devices nationwide (as of 2021) to secure computing resources for CPU (19,248 Core), Memory (184.08 TB), and Storage (2,430.792 TB).


DCS v1.0

(Distributed Contents Service)

DCS uses idle computing resources (CPU, GPU, MEM, STORAGE) in distributed cloud environments to provide developers, the public, businesses, and institutions with an AI framework for deep learning and machine learning to provide analysis and file sharing services for big data.

Service Platform

Development of a platform that combines blockchain technology by utilizing acquired distributed cloud-based resources and artificial intelligence data


Petcare Lab


DePlay aims to make data analysis freely available in conjunction with DCS solutions, making it easier for users to find the data they want, and to increase data utilization by sharing and discussing analysis results.

Pet Care Lab is a pet care service that allows you to easily diagnose your health condition at home through a urine test of your companion animal with a smart defecation plate.



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