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Data analytics and sharing platform for sharing and discussion

DePlay aims to make data analysis freely available in conjunction with DCS solutions, making it easier for  users to find the data they want, and to increase data utilization by sharing and discussing analysis results.


DePlay is a platform that uploads all data required for AI analysis and allows users to share and discuss freely. The goal is to classify the data by category so that users can easily find the data they want, to share and discuss the analyzed results with each other, to analyze data in connection with the DCS platform, and to increase the utilization of the data.

DePlay Characteristics

a platform that increases the value of AI data


Based on the Jupyter Notebook

·  Analyze data using various languages (C, Java, php, etc.) without  

   installing it in conjunction with DCS based on the jupiter notebook

·  Easily recall, modify, and add models shared by others

·  Store analytical models regardless of capacity

Free to search and share via Feed

·  Free to analyze and discuss with others by uploading or finding the  

   data you want to analyze

·  You can set the tag function and level of interest, so you can recom  

   mend the data you want

·  Ability to rename and delete files



·  Users/organizations who want analysis results upload their data and  

   present schedule rewards


·  End users will be rewarded by analyzing and competing with that data

Other General Features

·  Show current status and compete with leaderboards


·  Free Discussion Capability


·  Customer Support (Notices, Enquiries, Manual View, etc.) features

DePlay Service

Together, a platform that increases the value of AI data


Easily find and analyze the data

·  About speed and development and industry interest in artificial intelligence are contradictory data

   difficult time even looking for to practice.


·  Individuals/organizations share data with each other <-> Share analysis results


In conjunction with DCS' solutions Delivering artificial intelligence services

·  Web-based support for diverse development environments without


·  Everyone finds, analyzes, and shares the data they want, and develops into

   an open-source collective intellectual body


Store data with IPFS

·  Distributed cloud systems run on blockchain networks


·  Data sets and analysis results are all securely stored with IPFS and uploaded permanently regardless

   of storage capacity

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