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I Love Pet

An artificial intelligence-based pet care service, I Love Pet

A platform that allows you to live a healthy life by conducting
regular medical checkups for your lovely pets directly at home

I Love Pet

It is a service that allows early detection and prevention
of diseases through urine tests of dogs at home without visiting animal hospitals directly. It aims to collect dog urine from a stool plate with a Bluetooth function, film a strip with urine on the app installed on the user's smart phone, and prevent dog diseases and detect diseases early through image processing and artificial intelligence (AI)-based analysis technology to lead a healthy pet family.

I Love Pet Characteristics

Bring a healthy life to my pet

A simple medical checkup for pets

·  A defecation board equipped with Bluetooth, camera, and scale   

   function that does not require the need to collect urine directly

   from pets


·  When your pet urinates on the stool plate, it automatically takes  

   pictures and sends images to the application

Health Examination Using Artificial Intelligence/Blockchain

·  Using artificial intelligence technology, measure 10 types of ingredients  

   and diagnose health conditions with weight information

·  The data is stored in the blockchain and diagnosed according to the ov       erall bio-rhythm, not one-time, and then used in the field of pet health         care by making big data through artificial intelligence technology

I Love Pet Progress

Healty, simply, regularly

Urine collection and strip photography on the defecation plate

·  Easy collection of pet urine at home


·  Built-in camera/bluetooth/weight sensor


·  Insert/shoot strip and send image and weight information to smart 


Strip Analysis and Results Diagnostics

·  Image processing and AI-based strip analysis


·  Diagnose analysis results (disease check)


·  Diagnose deep analysis results (weight + analysis results + dictionary  

   data)*Pre-data: dog breed, age, dog owner gender, region, age, etc

Coin Rewards and Utilization

·  User (pet owner) Cryptocurrency Rewards


·  Used for medical examination/surgical expenses at affiliated animal  


·  Our Swap Services and Exchange Won Transactions

Living a Healthy Pet Family

·  Initial detection and prevention of pet diseases


·  Reducing Medical Costs for Pet Diagnosis


·  Establishment of Blockchain Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

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