Blockchain Distributed Cloud

A new paradigm appears thanks to the fusion of the 4th industrial technologies and the data era has arrived. Due to the mutual combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Big Data technologies, companies around the world feel the need for efficient data management and analysis so they are responding to it quickly. However, while global companies are focusing on strengthening their competitiveness through AI analysis, they face some concerns. In the case of artificial intelligence analysis using a centralized cloud system such as AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, etc., there are concerns that problems including high data processing cost, loss of control, and data loss due to single point error may occur. The AICON project built a blockchain-based distributed cloud environment to solve the problems of centralized cloud services.


Distributed Cloud (D-Cloud) Cluster provides individuals and companies with a distributed cloud environment combined with blockchain, enhancing security and reducing data processing costs through storage, management, and processing of AI data in a decentralized environment. As the more participants (nodes) join in blockchain network the more data processing costs reduces, the AICON project will maximize the performance of distributed environment through rapid hardware & software supply and D-cloud system clustering.



D-Cloud hardware of AICON is an extended concept of IPFS, which can be used to analyze and process artificial intelligence (AI) data using computing resources beyond sharing file fragments across multiple PCs or hardware. D-Cloud hardware model of AICON consists of <AICO2020 R-1> and <AICO2020 J-1>. The <AICO2020 R-1> model is a general model, and it processes AI learning data such as simple documents and voice files. The <AICO2020 J-1> model is a high-end model, and it processes AI learning data such as images, videos, and real-time streaming. In addition, D-Cloud software (Mining Pool) was built for participants who have spatial limitations or have difficulty running the tutorial when the D-Cloud hardware model is used. Participants delegate D-Cloud operation to the company, while the company handles data processing through mining pools built inside the company.


AICON D-Cloud hardware (AICO-D1) can store, manage, and process large amounts of data in a blockchain-based distributed environment, and is designed to enhance security and reduce data processing costs. Maximizes performance through distributed cloud system clustering compensate for the disadvantages of existing centralized cloud systems. And the more network participants (nodes), the more the data processing cost is continuously reduced.


Decentralized cloud systems run on the blockchain and provide security through partitioning, making the network much more secure than the current infrastructure provides. Even if an attacker can access a block of data, it is difficult to penetrate because it is only part of the file.


AICON D-Cloud hardware (AICO-D1) implements a distributed cloud by providing CPU, GPU, and storage, and consists of a hardware type (distributed cloud hardware) and a software type (mining pool) using idle computing resources of nodes.


Data in AICO-D1 is expanded to IPFS-based large data processing. Not only is the file fragment distributed to several computers or hardware, but also computing resources are used for data analysis and processing. The public chain is based on IPFS, and the private chain is linked to the AI ​​framework.

AICO-D2 Hardware

AICO-E1 Hardware

AICO-M1 Hardware

AICO-D1 Hardware

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